Board of directors

The Board of Directors hold their meetings on every second Wednesday on second months.


Financial status

  • Number of members
  • Approval of new member’s application
  • Status of the strategy deployment
  • Upcoming events
  • AOB.


Nyeste Zsolt President nyeste.zsolt(%%) Nyeste Zsolt fénykép
Lakatos Gábor President of Social and Organizational relationship Committee lakatos.gabor(%%)  
Dr. Gaál Zoltán President of Research, Development & Service Committee gaal.zoltan(%%) Kovács Zoltán fénykép
Debreczeni Sándor President of Controlling & Ethics Committee debreczeni.sandor(%%)
Dr. Csiba József President of Education csiba.jozsef(%%)  
Gajzer Tibor President of Food-products Section gajzer.tibor(%%)  
Füzesi Zsolt President of Medicaments Section fuzesi.zsolt(%%)  
Horváth Szabolcs President of Printing Section horvath.szabolcs(%%)  Horváth Szabolcs fénykép
Gyerkó József President of Public Utility &Transport Section

Deputy President

 Laki Zsolt  

President of the Facility Maintenance Section

Wesser Csaba President of Hardwar & Software Section wesser.csaba(%%)  Wesser Csaba
Fonyó Péter President of Services Section fonyo.peter(%%)  
Magyar Lajos President of Value Complex Equipment Section magyar.lajos(%%) Magyar Lajos fénykép
Péczely György President of Machine Industry Section peczely.gyorgy(%%)