Became a member


What are the benefits of being a member ?

-The members of MIKSZ are eligible to attend free or with a reduction of the fees to our events.

-We have exclusive events only for MIKSZ members.

-MIKSZ members are able to access the sites member only section.

-They can have assistance for scientific activity

-The membership gives you the opportunity for experience exchange

-MIKSZ members are able to advertise jobs.

-MIKSZ members get notified in case of a maintenance survey, and they got the results too.

-MIKSZ members can vote for the “maintainer of the year”

-MIKSZ members are able to advertise with a discount.

How can you become a member ?

If the previously mentioned benefits are interesting for you, send and email to info(%%) We are waiting for your application. Make the national companies maintenance more effective safer, and better!

We would like to inform you that 13/2022 (III.31)According to the resolution of the General Meeting, the membership fee of the MIKSZ 2022 is 50,000 HUF for legal entities, 10,000 HUF for individuals and HUF 5,000 HUF for pensioners, with the membership fee being determined proportionally for those entering during the year.